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We are NOW taking pecan cracking orders!!!.


It looks to be a light crop due to the large crop last year and the prevalence of web worms eating the tree leaves.


So far the papershells have been shelling great.

But for some reason the native we have gotten in are a little brittle resulting in lots of pieces. We think this may be because most of the natives we have processed so far were from last year and have been frozen. Freezing dries the moisture out making the pecan meats brittle.


Another reason to get them processed early!


Currently we are getting pecans cracked within a day of you bringing them in. We may even be able to do them that day for you until we start getting backed up. It’s okay to ask.



Due to the majority of the pecans we receive in July, August (& September) being bad, rancid pecans, we have ceased to crack during those months.


Don’t leave your pecans sitting in a corner of the garage, or even your kitchen all summer and expect them to be fresh good tasting pecans. More than likely they will not be and may even be harboring a few pests by then.


Think of it this way… would you leave a loaf of bread there all summer and then make a sandwich from it? (okay, with all the preservatives and who knows what else they are putting in our food these days… maybe you could, but would you want to?)


Pecans are an agricultural commodity that needs to be cared for in order to maintain freshness and help retain all the nutritional goodness found in them.


Bring them in before June or freeze them until you can bring them in. (IF YOU DO FREEZE THEM, PLEASE THAW THEM BEFORE BRINGING IN)

And after we have processed them for you, pick out the remainder of the shell and any bad pecans, put in storage bags and freeze them as soon as you can. The clean meats will last for several years in the freezer and only take up about a third of the room as the inshell pecan.


And, this also gives us a chance to clean our cracking room and refurbish the machines so we limit our breakdowns during season.



We want to thank you very much for your patience & understanding in this matter!


The Mason’s Staff


It can take a week or 2 (sometimes a bit more) after you bring them in before we call you to let you know your pecans are done being processed .

We will then call you to let you know they are done so you can come pick them up.


PLEASE pick them up as soon as you can because our shelves are typically overflowing and we don’t have much room to store your processed pecans for more than a few days.


Thank you so very much for your consideration.


GOOD NEWS… we are adding another cracking line to our operation this year so that we may get your pecans processed on a more timely basis.

Depending on the crop load we may even offer a 1 or 3 day option (like photo processing used to do). We’ll determine that after the crop starts coming in.


Monday - Friday                        8:00 to 6:00

Saturday                                   9:00 to 5:00

Sunday (Oct thru Feb)             10:00 to 5:00